Our Design Process

Thornton Landscape works with you to create a plan for your landscape through our design process.

This is a step-by-step approach that considers the environmental conditions, your desires, the elements unique to your property and overall principles of great landscape design.

Our goal is to organize the natural and man-made features in your yard into an aesthetic, functional, and environmentally sustainable landscape.


When you work with Thornton Landscape, we work in partnership to create a beautiful space.


1. Vision

The first step is a meeting with one of our designers, where we discuss and understand your vision.

It can be at your home or in our Idea Center. During the meeting, we discuss your landscaping goals and desires, understand how your family uses your space, identify any issues you may have and suggest possible solutions.

2. Research

The second step is to research the particulars about your project so we can start developing your unique and creative landscape plan.

This includes:
• Establishing a budget for your specific project
• Getting accurate photos of your space
• Measuring each area of your yard


3. Imagine

A picture is worth a thousand words. We understand this.

During this meeting our designer will show you preliminary design concepts to ensure we are meeting your requirements.

This is your chance to see your vision come to life and to make adjustments.

4. Finalize

At this meeting, we present the landscape design plan, as well as a proposal for the work to be performed.

During this meeting we will:
• Go over plant and material options
• Review installation procedures
• Determine appropriate project scheduling


5. Create

In this stage, we begin to implement your landscaping project, and for the first time, you begin to see your vision for the landscape unfold right before your eyes.

The excitement continues as the installation process transitions into the follow-up, and you begin to make memories in your new outdoor space.